Motor Mania Garage is a full time Motorcycle repair shop located in Clay Center Ks. 


We work on and service all types of Motorcycles, ATV's, Cars and Trucks.


(Motor Mania Garage is Located in Clay Center Ks. and we're only 34 miles from Manhattan Ks.)




How we started out:



  Myself , my wife Jan, and my son Jessie all enjoy riding motorcycles, and with my professional background being a mechanic in several shops through the years as well as working at Ft. Riley for over 15 years, it was just a natural evolution to start buying older "abused and unloved" motorcycles and fixing them up. Before we knew it, we had acquired 15 or so bikes that we personally owned and rode. Eventually we had to part with them as space was running out. I built a carport  to store the bikes and keep them out of the weather. 


It wasn't long before people were asking me to work on their bikes and as time passed it became apparent that there was a need for a Bike Shop in Clay Center. Most Motorcycle Shops won't work on bikes more than 10 years old, and there are valid reasons for that... but I do work on the older bikes as well as later models !






What we do now:



  I now work as a full time Motorcycle Shop, repairing/servicing Motorcycles,  and ATV's. But I still work on Cars and Trucks.

Note: Because of the internet, it is now possible to get those hard to find and expensive parts that years ago were cost prohibitive.  







About me:





  I have over 25 yrs. experience in repairing, troubleshooting, and restoring all types of equipment including Motorcycles, Atv's, Cars, and Trucks. I started my mechanic career at age 11, in a Lawn Mower shop. That's where I learned the basics, along with the fact that I was so fascinated by gasoline engines that I read everything I could get my hands on about them. Later I worked for a Motorcycle Shop here in Clay Center, then it was on to the Army. After that I had a few jobs out of the mechanic field, like welding / manufacturing, plumbing, and construction. All good trades to learn but nothing that could hold my interest for long. I eventually got a job working at "Bill's Garage". Bill is one of the great "old school" mechanics who is a retired Air Force Mechanic. I think Bill could build a Space Shuttle if given enough parts and time! Bill taught me so many things and I am forever grateful for his friendship and guidance.






I stand behind my work and enjoy fixing what others won't, or can't.

(Motor Mania Garage is Located in Clay Center Ks. We're about 34 miles from Manhattan Ks.) 

We accept all Major Credit and 

Debit cards including PayPal

Motor Mania Garage Motorcycle Shop accepts Visa and Master Card

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